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Unique facts about Ethiopia

Ethiopia is incredibly unique, below are a few unique facts to get you started on understanding our country:

  • Birth of humanity. Archaeologists believe life started in Ethiopia. The oldest human bones were found in Ethiopia and are stored in the national museum of Ethiopian .
  • Ethiopia is one of the two African countries to never have been colonised. Italians had tried and failed.
  • Only country mentioned on both the Christians bible and Muslims Quran.
  • The lowest point on earth below sea level is located in Ethiopia at Danikil depression and Erta Ale.
  • Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia. The name ‘coffee’ came from a province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia called Kaffa.
  • The Ethiopian Clock and Calendar is different from the rest of the world. We have 13 months in a year and almost all Ethiopians use a 12-hour clock. Your 7AM is 1:00 in daylight hours, Lunchtime is 6:00 in daylight hours and your 6PM is 12:00 in local time. It’s confusing, so don’t worry, our tour times work on normal (GMT+3).
  • Ethiopia was the first African country to give a speech in the league of nations (today’s United Nations) back in 1936.

We’ve got plenty of history and we hope the facts above will give you an idea of the exciting trip you’ll have exploring our unique country.

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